Ltd. Edition Tatuaje "Celebracion de Cinco" (cmf5) 5-Year Cigar

***Cigar Mas Fino's Big 5-Year Celebration***

On Thursday, February 24th, Cigar Mas Fino will be celebrating five years in business with one of the cigar industry’s hottest cigar makers, Pete Johnson, of Tatuaje cigar fame.  Pete will make a special in-store appearance to unveil an exclusive and limited edition commemorative cigar born from a Cigar Mas Fino/Tatuaje partnership called “Celebracion de Cinco” (“Celebration of Five” or affectionately called “cmf5”).

The cmf5 cigar offers a special, unique blend worth celebrating!

Only 100 numbered boxes of 24 “cmf5” cigars produced.

*****SOLD OUT*****